About Aliph Media

My name is Ruqayah Onifade, I’m a graphic and brand designer. I got into the design industry semi-formally in 2009 after which I took it up formally in 2015.

I work with both individuals and businesses. I help businesses build their brands through creative designs and brand identities such as logo design, brand labels, social media templates, social media banners, e-flyers, printed works, websites. See our list of services .

I also offer e-books,  courses and tutorials on how business owners can leverage on common tools such as smartphone and apps to add value to their brands. 


My mission is to channel my creativity and expertise into helping businesses build the brands they will be proud of through brand identity. 

With the rise in small and medium scale enterprises sprouting almost on daily basis, we can’t ignore the fact that the business sphere has become very competitive.  In order to be known which in turn leads to been trusted, a business needs an identity that will be exclusive to it and make it a recognizable brand, then it can settle in the minds of its own target customers. 

I therefore set my feet on a mission to build brands through visuals and identities to stand within their respective competitive markets.

If you will like to learn more about us through the frequently asked questions, click on the FAQ section. It has a contact button that leads to the contact  page if you also  have any questions.