Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Aliph media is a Muslim owned brand and our operational policy is in compliance with what is permissible in Islam. That is, our services cover only ethical businesses and individual works that are permissible. 

However, our services are not exclusive to a particular race, religion or belief. In as much as the service(s) to be rendered is/are not outside our operational policy, everyone is welcome. 

You can order for our services from the website here. You are required to fill the order form and provide the necessary information needed to process your order. 

Alternatively, you can order via our  whatsapp.

Once your order has been received, you will receive a confirmation email or message via your email address or whatsapp with an invoice and the number of hours / days it would take to complete your project. 

Once your project is completed, you will receive preview copy(ies) to check for any possible minor errors (not a total change of the design concept).

Yes you can, after the preview copy has been sent to you, you can double check if there’s anything you want to correct like phone number, email address, e.t.c and other minor errors.

Kindly note this doesn’t include a complete change of the design concept.

Every design comes with two rounds of revision. Once you have requested for changes twice after the first original preview which makes it a total of three preview copies, additional charge will be attracted if you need to make any further change request except the fault is from us. So, it is best to be sure of the information you provide.

Digital woks (without printing) take 2 – 4 working days while printed (and/or crafted) works take 7 – 10 working days to be delivered.

Web design takes between 3 – 5 weeks of completion.

Digital woks are delivered via email (not whatsapp even if you order via whatsapp because whatsapp tampers with image/video resolutions and quality).

Printed works are delivered via pick up, logistics/motor parks or waybill. 

When the project is ready for preview, you are required to pay at least a percentage of the amount charged (minimum of 40%). After the work is finalized, you are to make the complete payment before the original file (work) is sent. 

Payments are received through bank transfer, bank deposit, cash payment (effective if we are in the same geographic location) and payment gateways. We do not accept recharge card or other non monetary exchange media

Do you have any further question? Kindly drop it on the contact page.