You are only a step away from creating that website you have always wanted to own.

The simple non-techie / no coding way to build your online store website with your business domain on a 1k (Naira) budget.

Are you willing to learn how to build a simple system that allows you to sell on autopilot using just your Smartphone?

Are you tired of losing sales because you can’t be available 24 hours to take orders?

This short & easy to follow step by step practical course on how to set up a simple online
store within a short time is your answer.

This is for you if:

🔹 If you want to earn the credibility of having a professional website address for your online store but don’t have the budget to pay a web designer.

🔹 If you want to sell online (physical products or digital products) and receive payment directly to your bank account or give customers the privilege to pay on delivery or order via whatsapp.

🔹 If you’re planning to have Eid sales or any other discount sales, you can automate the process and just go to sleep, the process is running for you, just come back to track orders.

🔹 If there’s limit to what you can sacrifice in the name of discount, you can set the specific number of customers that will take the discount, once the number is reached, the code will be invalid.

🔹 If you are planning to give early bird discount offer to only few people, you can set it up, once the number is reached, others would pay the late bird fee.

🔹 If you want to keep records of your monthly sales online including the paid, the unpaid, the refunded, the delivered, etc.

What you'll learn when you get Mini website creation course

✓ Setting up a functional online store for free.

✓ Adding custom domain (with only 1k).

✓ Adding physical and digital products to store.

✓ Adding product variants.

✓ Receiving payment online directly from your store.

✓ Adding order via whatsapp & pay later or pay on delivery options for customers who don’t like to pay online.

✓ Adding about us, FAQ and bio link pages.

✓ Setting coupon for discount sales.

✓ Tracking orders and managing inventory.

Why you need a website

🔹 It builds credibility for your business.

🔹 It clearly showcase your products/services and their descriptions.

🔹 It serves as digital catalogue.

🔹 It provides information about your business.

🔹 It brings in sales on auto pilot.

🔹 It acts as the only staff that works 24 hours everyday.

🔹 It’s more reliable as a sales channel than social media.

🔹 It takes order & receive payment without your presence.

🔹 It has a dashboard that manages the orders and their status and keep records of your sales.

🔹 It can be used to automate discount sales, limit the products you’re giving out on discount or limit the number of customers taking the discount to drive fast action.


Frequently asked questions

No hidden charges, just buy your domain (starting from N1,000). The renewal is annually.
Except you want to upgrade to the app’s pro plan which is optional.

Yes, the course was created for non techies. You don’t need to have a tech background. The app you will be using is simple and straight forward.

No, your smartphone can do all the work from start to finish. When you take the course, you will see how I did it all using a smartphone. Using a laptop is optional.

No,  taking this course will not make you a pro at web designing. This course is for non designers who want to optimize a simple tool to create a simple online store with the basic functionality of an e-commerce website.

No coding is involved from start to finish.

The platform is free to use and a sub-domain will be given to your site (E.g If you want to have a professional domain (e.g or which is the best, you can get it starting from N1,180 (renewal annually). I have demonstrated this in the course lesson.

Absolutely not, whatsapp catalogue only showcase your product, it doesn’t allow payment. It doesn’t keep records of sales. It doesn’t allow you to set coupon. Also, it doesn’t allow you to set the number of available stock amongst other things. All these can be done with the platform for creating the mini website.

If they don’t won’t to pay online, there are 2 other payment options you can set up for them. And you also get other benefits of using the platform like tracking orders, having sales record, managing inventory, having a professional website address, automating discount sales or early bird tickets, and a host of others. 

Choose your preferred payment option

Pay here 👇 with Debit/Credit card

Pay N2,000 today and get instant access to the course lessons after payment. Follow the prompt to open with Google drive, you can always access the course inside your Google drive.

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Bank transfer:

Pay N2,300 today into

Account number: 8270002153

Account name: ALIPH MEDIA

Bank name: WEMA BANK

Take a screenshot or picture of evidence of payment and send via whatsapp to 08066497092 or click on the button below.

Please note that you will get access to the course after your payment is confirmed. 

Pay via Selar:

Pay in Naira (N2,000) today or pay in Dollars ($6) and other currencies (the equivalent amount of $6) if you’re outside Nigeria. If your currency is not listed, you can select $.

You will get instant access to the course lessons after payment. Check your inbox for email from Selar containing the link to the course area.

Are you ready to take action before price goes up?

Taking this course is about to open your eyes to a simple non-techie / no coding way to build your online store website with your business domain on a 1k (Naira) budget.

Please note this course contains pre recorded video lessons that you can take at your own pace, it is not a whatsapp or telegram group class.




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